Northern California

Abatin Wellness Center - 1102, 2100 29th St, Sac CA 95817

All About Wellness -     1900 19th St, Sacramento CA 95811

Southern California

Hollywood High Grade -  7051 SantaMonica Blvd B Los Angeles,CA 90038

Central California

Coming soon!


With a wide range of flower and joint options, we make it easy to find a High Grade Farms product that works for you.


Info & Giveaways

High Grade Farms has a team of friendly and knowledgeable representatives who visit all dispensaries that carry our brand. We can explain the product details for the staff and host Customer Appreciation Days. Check our upcoming events list to see when and where we have a customer appreciation day near you! You can also follow @highgradefarms411 to find out what promotions and giveaways we are currently doing.

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